Create New X Account (Sign Up)

In this tutorial, I'll guide you through the process of creating a new account on X, the social network acquired by Musk some time ago (formerly known as Twitter).

Elon Musk has made several changes to its functionalities and options, including the registration process. Therefore, I will provide you with a step-by-step outline of the registration process (with images).

create x twitter account

To start the registration on X, open a browser and enter any of the following URLs: or (both are the same).

The X homepage will appear with the options to sign up or log in. In this case, you should click on the blue button that says 'Create account'

create x account

  1. Create X Account (step 1/5)
  2. Accept X's policies (step 2/5)
  3. Data Confirmation (step 3/5)
  4. Receive Verification Code (step 4/5)
  5. Choose a Secure Password (step 5/5)
  6. General Account Settings
    1. Download X app form Android / iOS

Create X Account (step 1/5)

In the first step, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Username of your choice.
  • Registration email.
  • Date of birth.

Once completed, click on "Next".

personal information x account

Accept X's policies (step 2/5)

In this second step, you need to accept the terms of use of the social network, as well as the privacy and cookies policies. Simply click on "Next."

step 2 create x account

Data Confirmation (step 3/5)

In the third step, your username, email, and date of birth will be confirmed. If all the information is correct, and the username is available, they will be marked with a green checkmark. You can then proceed with the process by clicking "Sign up"

sign up new x account

Now, to verify that you are a person, an account authentication process will be carried out, consisting of following some simple steps. Click on "Authenticate your account"

authenticate x account

Use the arrow to rotate the animal in the same direction as the hand (You will be asked to do this twice). Then, click on "Submit"

new account

Receive Verification Code (step 4/5)

To proceed with the registration, X will send you a verification code to the email you provided in the previous steps. Go to your email, find the code, enter it where it says "Verification code" and click "Next"

verification code x account

Choose a Secure Password (step 5/5)

Now, you will be asked to enter a password of at least 8 characters (we recommend more than 12), including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers for enhanced security. Then, click on "Next" again.

register x account

General Account Settings

We start with the general settings for your X account.

  • Choose a profile picture and click "Next"

profile picture x twitter

  • Now, choose a specific username by which you will be known on X. (remember that you can change your username as many times as you want, as long as the name is available for use).

username x account

  • Next, they will ask if you want to receive notifications on your devices or PC. If you do, click on "Allow notifications" (or "Skip for now")

notifications x account

  • To view notifications, trends, and your account in general, you will be asked which languages you want to use. Then, click on "Next."

languages x account

  • Next, to get to know you better, X will ask which general topics interest you the most so that you can follow them. For example: Music, Entertainment, Sports, Food, Gaming, etc. (clic on "Next")

preferences x sign up

  • Within those general topics, you will be asked to choose at least 3 options to follow on X. For example, within Gaming, you could choose Epic Games, Counter-Strike, or Video Games, among others.

what do you want to see x

  • Then, relevant recommendations related to the chosen topics will be displayed for you to follow individual users. You must follow at least 1 account. In this case, we clicked on "Follow" and started following PlayStation.

follow x accounts

  • Finally, you will be asked to review the terms of service and privacy policies again. After reviewing them, click on "Got it"

updates x account

  • Everything is set! You will be automatically redirected to your fully configured X account profile.

inbox account

Download X app form Android / iOS

The process to create an account or register on X is very similar on Android and iOS, so I will proceed to provide you with the download links for the apps on different operating systems.

Developer: X Corp.
Price: Free+
Developer: X Corp.
Price: Free

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